By Nick / Last Updated March 12, 2020

“I’m almost using up the storage on my iPhone XR. I need to free up space and plan to clear photos. Could you please give me some advice about how to backup iPhone photos?”

You could take a lot of delicate pictures during your travelling. They should be permanently saved so that you wouldn’t lose the memory about that travel in the future. If you just save those photos on iPhone, it would not be foolproof. Your photos might be lost if anything unexpected happens to your iPhone. The worst situation is that you upgrade iPhone but some of your photos disappear. This really happens when users update iOS 13 but photos are missing.

You’d better save the copy of iPhone photos not only on iPhone. This following content would give you the easiest ways to backup iPhone photos.

#1 How to quickly backup iPhone photos to computer?

The best way to backup iPhone photos is save them to your computer. This would protect your privacy better than saving them to the cloud. AOMEI MBackupper could help you to quickly save them to computer. It is a free professional iPhone backup software. You could easily backup photos as many as you want to computer with it.

Preview and Select: Preview every photo and select the needed ones to save them to computer. You could also do this when you restore photos from that backup.

Light Speed: AOMEI MBackupper doesn’t require Internet. You could save every 100 photos to computer in 2 seconds.

Widely Compatible: It supports the latest iOS 13. You could also restore photos to iPad or iPod Touch.

Save your photos from iPhone to computer in seconds

Step 1. Download AOMEI MBackupper. Connect iPhone to computer and tap “Trust” on it.

Step 2. Click Photos Backup. Click the icon to preview and select every photo on your iPhone and click OK to return.

Select Pictures

Step 3. Click Start Backup to save your photos during seconds.

Click On Start Backup

If you want to view your photos in that backup, click the eye icon or pin icon in Backup Management.

#2 How to backup iPhone photos to iCloud?

Apart from backing iPhone photos to computer, you could also backup iPhone photos to iCloud. You have 5GB of free storage in iCloud. You could sync photos or restore iPhone backup including photos to another Apple device with iCloud.

Method 1. Backup just iPhone photos with iCloud

Most photos in Photos app would be save to iCloud. Photos synced with iTunes could not be save to iCloud because you could only sync iPhone photos with iTunes when iCloud Photos is disabled on iPhone, and enable iCloud Photos again on iPhone would erase these photos. Enable iCloud Backup on another iPhone could download every iCloud photo to that device. Also, you could backup iPhone photos to PC with iCloud, but you need to download these pictures from the site of iCloud or using the client of iCloud.

Step 1. Go to iPhone Settings > tap [your name]

Step 2. Enter iCloud > Select Photos

Step 3. Switch on iCloud Photos.

Turn On iCloud Photos

Method 2. Backup iPhone including photos with iCloud

iCloud would save most necessary data when you backup iPhone with iCloud. If iPhone says there is no enough iCloud storage, you should reduce the content by entering iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups > [device name]. You could download iCloud backup to PC if you just need the photos later. You should know that if you have already enabled iCloud photos in method 1, these photos would be saved to this iCloud backup again.

Step 1. Go to iPhone Settings > tap [your name]

Step 2. Enter iCloud > Select Backups

Step 3. Enable iCloud Backup

Backup iPhone on iCloud

#3 How to backup iPhone photos with iTunes?

You might have used iTunes to purchase and manage media files but do you know how to save iPhone to iTunes on computer? First, you should know what iTunes backup include. It works in the similar way as iCloud does, saving most necessary data on iPhone. If your iCloud storage is full, you could use iTunes to save iPhone photos to computer. You should also know that iTunes would not save the photos already uploaded to iCloud.

Step 1. Download iTunes. Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.

Step 2. Click the phone-shape icon in the upper-left corner.

Step 3. Click Back Up Now in Summary.


#4 How to save iPhone photos with Windows Photos?

Photos is an app in Windows 10. You could also use it to export iPhone photos on a computer, but sometimes it would not work when iPhone screen is locked.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.

Step 2. Click the Start Button and open Photos.

Step 3. Select Import from USB Device.

Windows Photos


You could backup iPhone photos to computer or the cloud in 4 ways following the guide of this passage. Your photos would be safe when keep a copy of them. Using AOMEI MBackupper is considered the best way to back up your photos because it saves time and helps you easily manage your backup copy. If this passage solves your problem, you could share it to help more people.