By Nick / Last Updated January 21, 2020

Need to export messages from iPhone?

“I need to export messages from iPhone to computer now. For some reasons, I must leave a copy of messages on my computer so I could check it when it is needed. Anyone could help me out. I would thank you a lot.”

Message is a convenient feature on iPhone, which could be a good complementary feature to phone call. You can leave a message to the recipients when they can’t answer the call immediately.

In addition, the message itself is a good tool. You can start or keep a conversation with someone at any time. Internet is not required because it is sent by your carrier and the history would be saved on your phone.

With the upgrade of technology, text is not the only thing that message could deliver. You could send pictures, voice, and even videos. It makes communication fun and efficient. Your family or friends can send you lovely pictures and videos. Your business partners can leave you more information through messages.

Saving these messages could be very helpful. You could recall the old days by viewing messages. If you need to find some information as proof, you could send the copy.

If you don’t need to save massive messages, you could try saving messages by yourself first. For text messages, you can just copy them to a memo or other apps. If the detailed information needs to be presented, you can print the screen and then send the images via email or other apps.

If you have a lot of messages to backup, you might need the assistance of some applications. This passage would introduce you some ways to export messages from iPhone to computer. You could easily export messages under the guide.

#1 Quickly and selectively export messages from iPhone to computer

AOMEI MBackupper is a free professional iPhone data backup software. Features have been well-arranged in its interface. It could help you export messages from iPhone within minutes.

★ Preview the messages on your iPhone and select the need ones.

★ View your image files of messages on computer at any time without the Internet.

★ Restore messages to iPad or iPod Touch to conveniently view them.

★ Supports most iPhone models from iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 11 and would be perfectly compatible with the latest iOS 13.

AOMEI MBackupper could quickly export messages from iPhone to your computer and if you want to view them on another device, you could also restore them without covering any data. You could follow the steps below to export your messages.

Step 1. Download AOMEI MBackupper for free. Connect your iPhone to computer with lightning cable and tap “Trust” on it.

Step 2. Click Custom Backup. Deselect other kinds of file if you don’t want them. Click on Messages icon to enter View and Selection. After selecting the needed messages, click OK.

select messages

Step 3. Click the orange-button Start Backup and your messages would be exported from iPhone in minutes.

backup messages

Tips: You could view your messages on computer by clicking the Eye icon in Backup Management. If you need to restore your messages or view them on another device, you just connect your device to computer, and then select the task, click the Arrow icon and select Restore in Backup Management. You could also select the wanted messages in the backup copy to restore them to your device.

#2 Export text messages from iPhone to PDF

Would you like to export text messages from iPhone to PDF so that you could show all the details of your messages? You could try Touch Copy but you need to know that it is a paid software. You need to purchase it if you want to export text messages as PDF documents.

The steps to use this software is as follows.

Step 1. Download and purchase Touch Copy.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to computer with USB.

Step 3. Click Messages on the sidebar and select the needed messages.

Step 4. Click Save PDF and select the path.

Touch Copy export Messages PDF

#3 Save text messages from iPhone with iTunes

If you don’t need to view the messages very often, you could export messages from iPhone with iTunes. It would also export other files on your iPhone at the same time and saved them as encrypted files. You can’t view them on computer. If you need to view them, you could restore them to your device but you should notice that restoration of iTunes would cover all the data on your device.

The following steps are how to use iTunes to export messages from iPhone.

Step 1. Download the latest iTunes. Connect your iPhone to computer. If you met with a connection problem, follow this passage to solve it.

Step 2. Click the phone-shape icon in the upper-left corner > go to Summary > Click Back Up Now. It usually takes a few minutes to complete the task.



Except for the simple ways like copying text and screenshot, another 3 ways are offered in this tutorial to help you export messages from iPhone to computer. You could export messages for free with AOMEI MBackupper, pay for Touch Copy to export text messages as PDF, or backup messages and other files on iPhone at the same time with iTunes. If you think this tutorial is helpful, please share it to help more people.