By AOMEI / Last Updated November 13, 2020

Want to backup iPhone messages to iCloud?

“Hi, can anyone tell me how to backup iPhone messages to iCloud? It would be very helpful since I am going to use my iPhone 11. I would like to know how iCloud backup the text messages on my iPhone 8 so I could retrieve text messages from iCloud. Thanks for your kind help.”

Text message is a useful feature on mobile phone. Usually, it doesn’t require an immediate reply like phone call. What makes it more practical is that messages would be automatically saved on your iPhone so you could read it to remind you of your past or take them as legal proof. If you need to abandon your old iPhone, you should backup your messages to save the important information.

iCloud is a built-in application on iPhone. You could easily backup iPhone messages to iCloud without installing another app on your iPhone.

What does iCloud do with your messages?

iCloud is an official cloud tool released by Apple. When you sign in your new device for the first time, iCloud should start to upload the important data, like messages and photos, to the cloud. Since it’s a cloud tool, every time you want to sync data with iCloud, you need to connect your iPhone to the Internet.

iCloud does not only backup messages and photos. You could also use it to store emails, contacts, calendars, Keychain, etc. It could also backup your whole iPhone, including app data and settings while to backup the whole iPhone doesn’t seem so easy.

iCloud gives every user 5GB of free storage. If you just upload files like messages, photos, and contacts to the cloud, it looks like the capacity is right enough. When you want to backup your whole iPhone with iCloud, you should think about there are so much data on it. Is 5GB still enough? Yet, it doesn’t require so much storage as you think. Usually, you just need 10 GB to backup your whole iPhone for iCloud just need to upload the local data on your iPhone, while you still need to pay for that extra storage.

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When you toggle on Messages in iCloud, your entire message history would be synced on every device signed in the same Apple ID. For example, if you delete a message on your iPhone, it would be deleted on every device. You can’t access your messages on iCloud online and you are just allowed to view them in Messages app.

When you sign in a new iPhone, you could also sync data including messages with iCloud into your new iPhone. Of course, you need to backup your whole old iPhone beforehand and then you could use iCloud backup to restore your iPhone.

If you don’t want to backup your whole iPhone, it’s fine. You need to upload all the messages to iCloud and when you sign in your new iPhone, you could choose Set Up as New iPhone. After you have signed in your new iPhone and connected it to the network, you could sync just messages to this iPhone.

How to backup iPhone messages to iCloud?

This part will show you how to backup just messages or your whole iPhone including messages to iCloud.

Backup just messages:

Go to Settings > Tap your Apple ID at the top > Toggle on Messages.

As long as you enable Messages in iCloud, all your messages would be uploaded to the cloud server but you can’t preview or select the messages on your iPhone. You could toggle on Messages in iCloud to sync text messages to your new iPhone.

Backup whole iPhone:

Go to Settings > Tap your Apple ID > Enter iCloud Backup and toggle on it.

Before entering iCloud backup, if you had toggled on Messages, then they would be included in the backup for iCloud just save local data. After you toggle on iCloud Backup, you could see the notification that iCloud would automatically backup data such as photo library, account and Home configuration when this iPhone is locked and connected to power and the network. Automatic backup usually starts at night, so you’d better lock your iPhone and connect it to power and the network before you go to bed.

You could choose “Restore from iCloud Backup” when you sign in your new iPhone to retrieve iPhone messages from iCloud.

iCloud Backup iPhone

Selectively and safely backup your messages

iCloud would be a convenient tool when iPhone is connected to the Internet but you can do nothing to iCloud messages without Internet. You could try an easier way to backup your messages on iPhone to computer.

AOMEI MBackupper is a free professional iPhone backup software. Once you download this application, you could backup your messages and view the backup copy on your computer any time you want. It allows you to preview and select the messages on your iPhone, so you could just select the needed messages and filter the notifications and advertisings.

You could easily backup iPhone messages to computer within at most 3 steps. After backup, you could restore these images to another Apple device like iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It supports most models of iPhone from iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 11 and would be perfectly compatible with iOS 13. You could freely transfer files among your apple products.


You could enable Messages in iCloud to backup just iPhone messages to iCloud or include it in the backup of your whole iPhone. Yet, iCloud has some limitations, like the network, limited free storage and a few options. If you want to selectively backup your iPhone messages, you could try AOMEI MBackupper, the best iPhone backup software, to save messages to computer. If you feel it helpful, you could share it to help more people.