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How to check on which full backup a differential backup is based?

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My free disk space runs out and

I don't find out, on which full backup my differential backups are based. So I'm not able to choose which full backup I can delete.

Any suggestions how to find out?




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    Isn't the name or the date a clue?

    To be sure if you can delete a file, rename the extension first. Put an underscore in front of the adi extension making it *_adi and see if you still can explore the latest backup. If you can, then that file is superfluous. If you cannot, delete the underscore to restore the original name and try another file.

    Renaming the filename instead of the extension does not work. Aomei is intelligent enough to still see which files are connected...

  • Ok - that is a possible workaround, but I hope there is also a possibility to show the relation in AOMEI backupper!

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    You can backup to an external drive and restore on another PC or on an empty disk.

    There are no other files on the external disk than the *.adi files. On another PC there may not ever be Aomei installed, on an empty disk it sure is never installed. So there are no Aomei files on the computer. Still restore knows which files are coupled. So that information must be in the files itself and are invisible for the users.

    You can however check Advanced->Properties->Versions and look at the order. An incremental or differential are based on the latest Full backup.

  • Thx, but I would feel better if AOMEI would show clear the dependencies ...

  • Isn't it to delete the oldest backup?

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