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Backupper Pro V 4.0.3 failed to provide notification that task failed; log file gave no indication

I updated my installation to v4.0.3 but changed the installation destination.  My backup tasks used WIndows scheduler and were not updated accordingly.  I noticed the missing backup files (I have 2 backup tasks, one for each physical drive), that were supposed to be backed up on 4/1.  However the main screen only indicated that the next scheduled backup was for 4/2 and said nothing about the missed 4/1 task.  If I hadn't been diligent in checking my backups, this condition would not have been detected with likely data loss as a result.

While a fix for this incident can be corrected with the proper checks for this isolated scenario, it raises suspicion as to how deeply the design and possible failure modes have been analyzed.  These type of situations evaluated as part of a Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA), which is  a quality requirement, especially for software where reliability is of a critical nature.

As a minimum, the failure should have resulted in a popup error and also entered in the system backup log.  As it stands now, loss of data is practically guaranteed, unless the user detects the faiure in a timely fashion.  It also begs the question of how many more of these types of critical failures might lurk in the existing code if proper software development methodologies haven't been followed.


  • Is it a daily scheduled backup?

  • Yes, my current backup scheme can be found here:


    My issue is that this is a scenario that appears to not have been thought out or tested for.  What makes it serious is there was no notification that the backup failed and would continue to fail without the user ever being made aware of it.

    I believe another separate oversight is that if I delete a backup task that was set to use Windows scheduler, the task is not deleted from the task scheduler.

  • Did the backup run on 4/2 as planned?

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