Main Threads:Clone C(XP) to D, then Make C Win 10. Dual Boot??
  • Moving a still excellent laptop from WinXP to Win10. Big drive with multiple partitions already in place and running. 

    Steps I plan to take:

    1) Image C Partition to safe location. Verify restorable = Completed.

    2) Clone C Partition to D Partition = next step

    3) Ensure MBR is altered somehow to permit Dual Boot choice ***

    4) Verify that both C and D boots function

    5) Install Win10 on C

    So for Step 3 I am unsure if the free version of Backupper will give me a utility to update/upgrade the boot loader to permit dual booting. If so, please either link existing documentation on how to do so or indicate if it's a simple menu choice of Backupper once installed.


    PS: Assume I'm a vastly experience computer literate person. Just don't actually answer in Greek. :D 

  • I would Start XP on C: and download EasyBcd from Neosmart (free) and let it add an entry (the D: drive) to the bootmenu. Now you have a double XP boot and can verify (step 4). Then install Windows 10 (step 5) and it will keep the bootmenu.

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