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AB 3.5 does not sleep or shut down upon completion

I run scheduled backups using the Microsoft scheduler. Under AB 3.2 my computer would go to sleep after completion of the backup. Under AB 3.5 it does no go into sleep mode after running the task.


  • Please try to create new task to run again. Did you try both sleep and shutdown functionality? What is your system?

  • I have recreated all of my tasks under 3.5. AB will go to sleep if I initiate the task manually. It will not go to sleep if the task was initiated by the scheduler. Not only does it not go to sleep after completion but it prohibits windows from putting my machine into sleep mode according to my power plan.

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    Yes, you are right. This functionality is not suitable for the scehduled backup currenty. Sorry for the inconvenience. Becuase the 3.5 version will refuse to go into the sleep mode when it runs the backup once. This is a small problem of our software,we will try to improve it in the future.

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