Need to create a boot disk?

After creating a system image, do I need to create a boot drive for restoration?


  • Hi GoodDoctor,
    You can restore the image file at any time while your system run fine and you can boot into windows normally. But if your system is crash, you need to create a bootable media to enter winPE and execute restore to rescue your PC. In addition,we suggest that you do not

    save the image on your system partition and make a bootable CD in advance.

  • "You can restore the image file at any time while your system run fine and you can boot into windows normally"

    Note an exception to this is when the backup image is on a network drive: a recovery CD/Flash drive must be used to boot the PC.

    The recovery media should be the first thing created before any backups, just in case...



  • ive had problems creating a boot disk on cd/dvd always stops at 99 percent ever since version 3.2 came out so i used a usb flash drive and that went fine and boots into recovery with i but not cd/dvds dont no what they changed in this version they said it was fixed but it still does it no matter what i try always freezes at 99 percent they need to look into a little further

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    solution would be to create an ISO, instead of a CD/DVD, and burn this ISO with the built-in command from Microsoft (right-click the iso file and burn, available in Windows 8, Windows 10 and perhaps Windows 7) or use a third-party utility to burn the iso.

    Generating and keeping the ISO is anyway always a good idea,for following reasons: because this ISO can be stored together with BackupperFull3.2.exe and the backup images on the backup disk, and can be burned again when needed. I always do it this way, and burn to rewriteable DVD. (DVD boots faster then CD, DVD+RW is reusable if just testing). Assume of course another computer, for burning, will be available in emergency. Backup disk is durable, such stored ISO on the backup disk has the same life as the backup images, and it is one piece to keep - in case CD/DVD is not available.

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