Window Server 2008 R2 startup failure after disk restore by Backupper

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I have mad a backup of my Windows Server 2008 R2 (system) using Disk Backup and save the file to External HDD

My server disk it crashed and I can not start the Windows.

I restore the disk from the External HDD to a new HDD and the restore is complited. I put the new disk on the Server but the server is not booting. the sever does not recognise the disk as bootable Disk (the system that i restored from the backup)

How Can I make this Restored Disk to Boot my OS(Windows Server 2008 R2)

Or How can I Restore my Backuped Disk C: (OS) From  my Backuped File in my External HDD.


  • You have to restore the image on the server, can't be on other computer. You can create a bootable media via Aomei Backupper server edition on other computer. Then boot the server from the media to restore the image. Please note you should first put the new disk on the server. You can read more details about "how to create the bootable media' from here:

  • I did this what you told me but still the disk is not recognized as a bootable disk.

    All the files on the disk of the OS are restored. 

    Just to clerify  I have Backup as Disk Backup not as System Backup.

  • astrit,

    Please check whether or not the system partition on the restored disk is set as Active. 

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