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Backupper 3.1 boot images still with wrong keyboard

I just downloaded "amlnx.iso" (2015-07-30 V3.1) and also generated Win10PE-64 version with Backupper 3.1. Both do not ask for correct keyboard at start, so both are of limited use in most parts of the world :(. It's necessary to have correct keyboard layout in order to enter especially passwords (for network connections or backup image) or user name for networkwork connections, host names, pathes, file names and descriptions!


  • HansS,

    What the meaning of wrong keyboard? Could you please decrible in detail? 

  • I have e German keyboard, but WinPE and Linux system have US layout - so I don't get many of the characters which are printed on my keybord, or I get other characters than printed on the keyboard. To see the effect you can try to change to German keyboard layout in your windows system and then try to work with this. (2. try of this comment, because after first click to "Post Commet" the comment disappeared :()

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