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ABPro Install failure build

edited August 2015 in AOMEI Products Support

Running Windows 10:10240.

Is any one else getting a runtime error when trying to install this build?

Error message is "Runtime error (at 31:984)  Out of string range"

I opted to keep my serial number details when asked, and the installer uninstalled the previous build without a problem.

I have yet to try rebooting the PC to see if this makes any difference. 


  • bodgy,

    Yes, please try rebooting, then install the software. If there are any problems when you install it. Please post a screenshot of the error message. 

  • Sad news, on reboot I now get a 'Boot Device not Accessible' error.  I suspect a driver from the previous build has  not uninstalled correctly.

    I will report back once I've restored my system from an image.

  • I have now restored my system and downloaded the latest installer. I am still getting th e'out of string range' error.

    I've attached a screenimageshot.

  • OK, I've just discovered if I manually remove the UpperFilters entry as mentioned in another thread ABPro will now install.

    I noticed that I had both fltsrv and ambakdrv un der this entry, though fltsrv didn't appear in the data list only when the 'modify' box was opened up.

    I also notice the serial number wasn't retained when the previous build was uninstalled, despite the option to keep it.

  • I had same runtime error installing AB Standard 3.1. Tried several times and finally just reinstalled version 2.8. It appears 3.1 is really buggy.

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