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"TermsOfSevice" not shown

I just registered to this forum and wanted to take alook at the "TermsOfSevice", but click on the link shows a very smallwindows this only two words in two lines, and so small that close "X"overlaps with text, see screen shot (Firefox 28.0, Win7-64pro). The "Preview" of this post is also not shown correctly: The screen-shot overlapps the riht margin of the preview window.image


  • Hi HanS,

    Sorry for the problem you encountered, this forum is based on open source and there seems to have some problems since a few weeks ago. I am sorry, we cannot figure out what the problem is. However, we are building our own forum right now, and will be released in the near future. There will have more improvements.

    If you have any other qustions or suggestions please feel free to let us know.

    Best Regards,
    AOMEI Support Team

  • OK - let's hope for the future version. Especially since there are other problems: If I paste a block of text to the input window, several characters are missing (e.g. my original post contained "a look" and "small window with" before pasting). And a new forum SW must also use standard input fields where e.g. the Firefox spell checking works.

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