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Aomei System Backup option to ignore large folders

Hey there.
I recently configured my new pc build (new processors ram etc) but migrated the SSD from my old system, and this caused the license to automatically revoked. No matter i already reconfigured that part, but what I wanted to do is to fully backup the system partition so I can restore my Windows 10 installation before migrating to Windows 11. 

Just a problem. I thought Aomei Backupper Pro is smart enough to to detect which folders it will backup so it will ignore large folders containing video games like the Steam or Xbox folder. Apparently this wasn't the case? 
Because when I perform the backup task I saw the size of backup is more than 200GB, which really shocked me because I already cleaned my user Downloads and Documents folder so it will not take up the bulk of the backup size. This must mean that Aomei Backup scanned the whole C Drive and backup the Steam or Xbox folders which would explain why it's so big. 

Let me know if this is the case and if this can be avoided in the first place, or if it's better to temporarily moved my folders to different disk partitions first. (it's such a hassle though to pointlessly moved data back and forth consuming ssd writes)


  • Tbh this is so dissapointing. The software is not exactly holding my hand if I have to pull out the big steps myself.
  • @Woowooindo, System backup will back up the whole system partitions. So, it will back up all data on C: drive. AOMEI Backupper currently doesn't support excluding files/folders from System Backup. Maybe you can try to use Windows Vss to exclude them. Please refer to here: https://www.ubackup.com/help/exclude-files.html
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