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How to do a System Restore from a complete Disc Backup

I have a computer with one big SSD split in 3 partitions + GPT etc., one Windows11 system partition, one Data1 and one Data2 partition. I always make full Disc Backups to keep a complete backup of everything, often using WinPe USB boot stick and external USB HDD for destination of the Disc Backup adi file. 
Often I want to restore the System partition without touching the Data1 and Data2 partitions on my PC to save the lifespan of my big SSD.

How can I do that ?

NB. For years I had to make both a Disc Backup AND a System Backup everytime, but it´s completely cracy to backup so much data every time. If it isn´t possible, so please make a suggestion for making System Restore from a Disc Backup job using USB recovery disc.


  • Any suggestions ?
  • @Dknudsen, When you do the disk restore, you can restore a partition in the disk.

  • Thanks, but if I only restore the partition containing windows 11 OS, the PC will not boot anymore. It look´s like there is some kind of variable data in the other small partitions created by windows installation, I also need to restore then. But it´s not logic what the OS partition depends on. It would be nice if Backupper could figure that out and select the needed data for a System Restore from the Disk Backup job. Feature request :-)
  • "the PC will not boot anymore" what message do you get?
  • @Dknudsen, Did you restore C: drive only to the original location? What boot error did you get?
    Generally, we suggest that you do a system restore (restore all system partitions).
    Maybe you can create a System Backup to back up system partitions, and Partition Backup to back up data partitions.
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