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Incremental Backup Takes Very Long Time

I have set up incremental backup for a 500GB data. It takes about 7 hours to incrementally backup only 500GB data. This is not good because my incremental backup is schedule to run daily and every time hard disk is continuously running for 7 hours or so. This is bad for hard disk. This way I am actually accelerating the deterioration of hard drive and it will break way sooner than without doing this backup. Not sure what to do. Can you please suggest a solution? 


  • @Feena, It will take 7 hours to perform incremental backup every time? How big is every incremental backup file?
    How long did it take to do the full backup? And, how big is the full backup file?
  • Just to be sure and give you accurate updated values, I created the backups again and here is the summary:

    1. The full backup took 6 hours and 15 minutes
    2. Incremental backup to 1 hour and 45 minutes
    3. My data is 490GB, 297,339 files and 39283 folders

    It is not feasible to run a daily backup as it take so long as it is taking about 2 hours just to run an incremental backup as no many files are changed in a day. Can you suggest something?
  • @Feena, What backup did you perform? system backup? disk backup? or file backup?
    If it is system data, the system will change every day when you run it. For system or disk backup, it use sector backup way. So, when a file is changed, it might actually need to back up multiple sectors.
  • I have a similar problem.  I carried out  a full back up two days ago - took 9 hours. 

    In the last 20 minutes  I tried to carry out an Incremental back up after creating around half a dozen files since the main back up was created two days ago. 

    The software is telling me it is "backing up data..."   with 7 Hours to go.

    With only  a handful of data files to back up this is ridiculous.

    Can anyone tell me what is going on as this is clearly no use -  baking up a few changed files ought to take seconds not hours ! .   

  • @CJRC, How long did it actually take for the incremental backup? Could you run an incremental backup again to check the time?
    And, did you use partition backup to back up F: drive only? Is it an NTFS partition? How many data are there on the F: drive?
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