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Very Long Incremental Backup

So, I got this product yesterday afternoon and did a system backup, which completed in less than an hour, I believe.  I then did a file backup which took about 10 hours.  Not unreasonable.  I'd let it run overnight in order to complete, and in the morning I set up the program to do incremental backups of select folders.  It took over two hours just for the program to estimate the number of files.  Now, four hours after I began the incremental backup, it's at 23%.  I saw someone mention something about the checkbox to check the integrity of the backup upon completion.  That has not been checked.  I can tell you that very little changed in those files between last night's backup and today's incremental, so why so long?  If this rate is maintained, that will mean the incremental backup should take sixteen hours.  That's unacceptable.


  • Six hours in - 40%
  • @User13, What data did you back up via File Backup way? What amount of data did you back up?
    Could you offer us the log folder under the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper and task2.2.xm file under C:\ProgramData\AomeiBR?
  • Sure, where should I send it?  The amount of data is in the neighborhood of 2TB.  That's why I had no issues with a 10-12 hour initial backup, but I can't see why an incremental would take so long.
  • @User13, "The amount of data is in the neighborhood of 2TB"---For the File Backup way, your data is too big. It will take a long time to scan all files every time. If all data is on a partition, we suggest that you use the partition backup way to back up the whole partition. 
  • @User13 are you using Windows 10 default security? If so, could you try disabling "real-time protection" before an incremental backup? That solved my case, because unfortunately AOMEI Backupper cannot get past the Windows Virus Protection while backupping:
  • It's backing up, just taking a long time, I guess because of the amount of data.  The data isn't on a partition, it's just one folder on a hard drive.  What, then, would be the best way to backup a folder with 1.6tb (so far) of data?
  • I have the exact same issue. It takes about 7 hours to incrementally backup only 500GB data. This is not good because my incremental backup is schedule to run daily and every time hard disk is continuously running for 7 hours or so. This is bad for hard disk. This way I am actually accelerating the deterioration of hard drive and it will break way sooner than without doing this backup. Not sure what to do. 
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