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Backupper - slow scanning and calculating the total number of the backup files?


Is this normal?:

I have profile that backups My Documents folder. Total number of filles - 8587, and 1113 subdirs. Backup is profile is incremental.

The problem is "time" - with backupper takes this steps:

Scanning the authority files...

    Time - 1m:50s

Trying to create snapshots...

    Time - 19s

Calculating the total number of the backup files...

    Time - 1m:54s

Backing up the files...

    Time - this step is normal and depends total size of changed files to transfer to archive.

This is my smallest folder that should be backupped. Next folders have above 60000 files - scanning and calculating time takes so long.

HDD - classic, but durning scanning/calculating windows reports only 40-60% usage, and about 1ms seek time. Disk have no errors - I was checked this. NTFS, bitlocker.  i7 cores calculated usage - 7%.

Archive - encrypted, size 13GB (incremental parts uses only 40MB).

I don't know, maybe this times is normal, but i think isn't.


  • If you do the folder backup the software will scan and calculate all the files in it so it may costs much time.

  • I am having the same issue. I am doing an incremental backup of a folder. First time it took a long time. I left it running throughout the night and in the morning, it was done. I thought since it was first time and it has to make a full back. The next day should be only an incremental backup but it is taking more than one hour and only 1% is complete. I think with this speed, it will take whole night just to make an incremental backup. Please advice a solution as it should not take forever just to make an incremental backup. It is stuck at "Calculating the total number of the backup files..." for more than an hour and only 1% is done. I can't use this software if it is taking that long.
  • @Feena, Could you take a screenshot of Details and send the log folder so that we check and analyze the problem?
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