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AOMEI partition assistant does not eufi boot

I've created a winpe bootable iso using partition assistant - make bootable media
and installed it on a usb stick under ventoy (a multi-boot app)
ventoy opens with no issues on EUFI AND NON-EUFI PC's

however when i try to run the PA iso I get "no bootfile found for EUFI - maybe the image does not support X64 eufi"
other iso's are working fine.

I see no options in the PA to make different bootable versions.


  • @Jle, " installed it on a usb stick under ventoy"---How did you install the iso?
    Could you try to directly create the Winpe bootable USB via AOMEI Partition Assistant?
  • @JleVentoy configured on MBR works flawlessly on UEFI Bios with Aomei Iso for me
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