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Difference between full and incremental or differential backups

I want to cleanup some old aomei backups, but to keep at least 2 full backups and 1 differential for each.
At this moment, is very hard to guess which backup are full or differential or incremental in a folder where are backups from last 2 years.. Only if I look at dimension of the files.
Do you think is possible to create the option to "mark" the full backups in the name of the file? Or add a "d" to a differential or "i" for a incremental in the name of the files. It will be perfect to manage a folder with many backups inside!


  • @Testerics, We will submit your suggestion to our dev team. Thanks.
  • Thank you for your answer!
    It will be perfect if we can see the full backup immediately and the rest of backups (incremental or differential) linked only to that full backup.
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