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How to restore individual folders or files from a files backup

I have used AOMEI to back up both files and drives. Using the files backup I saved the data from my data partition, but now I need to restore just one folder from that backup. But it's not possible. I clicked "explore" and it showed me the contents - fine - but when I want to restore one folder it only offers "full backup" which I don't want, and don't have room for.

I thought I could select the folder, and then select where to restore it. When I did that, it started a FULL partition restore! Is there another way to do it that I don't know about, or is it only possible to restore the full partition?


  • @Trillian, You can try to explore the partition backup image to virtual partitions, and then copy files you needed from the virtual partitions.
    As for exploring image, please refer to here: https://www.ubackup.com/help/explore-image.html
  • The ability to mount an image and restore individual files seems only to apply to a partition or drive image, not a files backup. When selecting "explore" for a files backup, there is no way to mount it to Explorer, and the only "restore" option is "full backup".
  • @Trillian, For File Backup, you can select single file/folders to restore. When you restore, you can only check files/folders you need to restore. As for File/Folder Restore, please refer to here: https://www.ubackup.com/help/file-restore.html
  • @Admin Thank you. That helped me. I only read the entire help page after I replied to you. Sorry. I will try to restore only some folders. Last time it seemed to begin an entire drive restore instead.
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