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How to extract a file from 'Users\username\Documents' folder from old computer backup image

I have attempted to retrieve a data file from a backup image saved on a USB drive. The backup image was from a now non-existent computer. I used AOEMI 'Explore Image' and the backup image loaded into a virtual partition (H:). The file required is located in a 'Users\username\Documents' folder, however I am unable to access the folder because Windows says I don't have permission. Can anyone suggest how to change the permissions or more simply extract the required file. PS the image is a system backup of the C drive of the old computer.


  • It could be that you do not have enough rights on that or some other folder.
    Regarding the rights have a look here.

    Double click on the image should open AOMEI Backupper and grant full access.
  • @Stevev, Please try to download and use Q-dir tool to access the explored virtual partition, and then check if you can access the username directory.
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