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I have win10, home, 6GB RAM
Using AOMEI backupper. professional
TRYING (Yes trying) to CLONE DISK

Have backed up to 1TB USB several times using different USB..even one from my neighbor
all backed up OK
after backup I can open USB,  see all the files from the clone...then after 1 minute the USB FREEZES "not responding"
Then after 10 secnds the whole of my system freezes nothing works
UNTIL I remove the USB then all the laptop goes back to normal
Insert the USB (its ONLY got AOMEI back up on it as its formatted) an BOOM freezes again
I have...uninstalled the program and reinstalled
disk management
cleaned using cmd diskpart
checked diisk
all comes back ok
use AOMEI....boom! disaster


  • Problem....
    I CANT format the USB as each time i plug into the laptop the system freezes, so access is not able

  • I´m sure that AOMEI is able to handle a media 1TB and larger.
    However, if any other drives can be handled by AOMEI perfectly, your drive seems to be faulty.
    Some USB hard drives needs more power (own power suppyl....).
  • I have 2 1 TB usb
    1 x 516GB usb
    1 x 1 TB hard drive
    happens to all of them
    I have just now only managed (using disk management) to access them and re-format.
    I have re-format to NTFS and will see if that makes a difference
  • I am not real sure why you are performing a clone disk operation to an external USB disk.  Perhaps that is the first question that needs to be answered.  When you clone a disk an exact copy of all the information on the first disk is copied onto the destination disk.  Once that process is completed the normal sequence would be to open up the computer and replace the hard disk in the computer with the drive that you just cloned and then reboot the machine so that it is running on the actual cloned disk.  Typically you only perform this task when you are replacing your existing disc with a larger one or a SSD.  So if the drive is truly a cloned disk and the BIOS mode is UEFI then the machine may be confused having two bootable discs that are exactly alike running in the machine at the same time.

    Formatting the external USB drives to NTFS is only necessary if you have files larger than 4GB stored on the drive, but if you happen to also use the external drive on MACs then you won't be able to write to the disk from the MAC.  Most likely the drive was formatted as an exFAT drive which is pretty common.  I don't think that formatting the drive to NTFS is going to prevent it from freezing up the machine.  If you boot up the machine into the safe mode does the USB drive still freeze up the machine?  Another question, If you have a plain formatted USB drive plugged into the USB port does that lock up the machine?       
  • The system freezing is not confined to the USB or the cloning process. I have found the program freezes my laptop so I can hardly do a thing, as soon as I start it (despite doing all the obvious remedies, reinstalling etc). I have dozens of afi and adi saves to my external drives, none of which can be used as the program won't recognise them or do anything with them. There is a BUG in the program and it should be remedied. I can no longer use this latest update of the program (which I've used successfully for many years before) and I want a refund.
  • @Trillian, Please allow us to help you solve the problems. Please try to manually browse and select the backup file to restore. And, when you run AOMEI Backupper, could you temporarily close other applications running on your computer?
  • @Admin The ONLY way Backupper allows me to access any of my dozens of saves is to mount the image in Explorer. of course I do close any other programs when running Backupper. I wouldn't be able to run them anyway, as trying to open anything else either leads to a frozen system or a crash. Even if I can open Backupper temporarily, I then have to reboot my entire system, just to be able to do normal things again.
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