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Do I need to transfer license when building a new computer?

I will be formatting the drive where I currently have one of the three installs available for my licenses of both Partition Assistant and Backupper.  Is there a deactivation process for these?


  • I don´t think so.
    If you have installed your new computer and AOMEI Backupper, you only need to give the license.
    Three installs??
  • Yup, 3.  I am using the computer (right now typing) on the computer that I am going to format to make some hardware changes.  I am wondering if I have to uninstall here before I format to deactivate somehow or, just format and reinstall on this computer afterwards
  • I just don't want to lose any installs because I failed to deactivate if necessary.
  • I´m confused about your 3 installs (virtual?).
    Anyway, I don´t think there is a need to deactivate your install or license.
    Make a complete backup, save all your (AOMEI) licenses (or print it out) and go on with your new computer.
  • @Johnny_Utah71, If you are going to install Backupper and Partition Assistant back on the same computer then the serial number should work when you reinstall the program.  If it doesn't then you can contact the @Admin on this forum and request that the serial number be reset.  Now if you are going to move the program to a different computer then that particular serial number will have been used and, unless you still have one of the three instances of the serial number that is unused, it will fail when you attempt to register it. 

  • Thanks for the help guys.  Sorry if I am confusing you.

    I am formatting the drive on one of my computers for a hardware change, then I want to reinstall both programs back on the computer after format.  I believe after format and reinstall of Windows, it essentially is viewed as a new computer by the software.  Not sure.
  • Ok, I found the answer---I am uninstalling and it gives me the option to save the license! Very handy!
  • @Vbbritt: I´m sorry, but Acronis allows to migrate a license to another system. If AOMEI does not, that would be sad. In the registry there the usual entries....
  • When Johnny.... uses the last free license, why it should to attemp to register? The license is unused or am I wrong?
  • @MrPresident, Yes Acronis allows you to resolve licensing conflicts for any version of their software that you have registered.  So you can transfer your license to a different machine.  Unfortunately Aomei Backupper does not. 
  • Sound to be a suggestion ;-)
  • @MrPresident, Here is a link to an earlier conversation that I had with the Admin on the subject.  https://www.aomeitech.com/forum/discussion/comment/15369#Comment_15369

  • That's good news since the new install is on the same computer.  I had crashing issues so I formatted the drive.  I will contact them for support.  Thank you @vbritt and @MrPresident for the help!
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    I´m sorry, but I´new with AOMEI software. Therefor I will improve my skills rapidly.
    @Vbbritt: Later on this sunday I will expand my suggestion list. Post me if you have some to notice....
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    I have to buy new computer. The one that had my AOMEI backupper, the mother board died…. Now I had to do a factory reset on that same pic awhile Bach, I installed my AOMEI backupper but it rejected the lifetime license I purchased.  Going to have reinstall AOMEI on new computer will I have pay for another lifetime licence? Or can I still use the current license I have?
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    Hi friends It depends on the type of software license you have and the specific terms and conditions of that license agreement. Generally speaking, if you have a retail or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) license for a software product, you may need to transfer the license when building a new computer. This is because most software licenses are typically tied to a specific computer or device. :)
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