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Attempt to clone dual boot failed

I have an old T430s that currently has a Kali/Win10 dual boot set up.  I used Backupper to clone the disk and all partitions looked good.  When I inserted the new cloned SSD in, all I see is GRUB with a flashing cursor.  Any suggestions would be really appreciated.  Thanks.


  • Hi Johnny_Utah71,
    Sorry that AOMEI Backupper currently doesn't support Linux system and dual system clone.
  • Ah, okay thank you.  Might you have any suggestions?  I'm leaning towards removing Kali and cloning unless there's another option.
  • Hi Johnny_Utah71,
    Could you directly remove Kali without affecting win10 boot? 
  • edited September 2020
    Hey there, well that's my worry (not sure).   I am going to try a go with Clonezilla.  Do you think at some point cloning a dual boot drive might be an option with Backupper?

    Thank you for your help!
  • Well, I'm really excited.  I successfully cloned the dual boot drive using Clonezilla.  Initially I had an error but after running fsck, it copied over perfectly.  I wanted to try this first before removing the Kali partition because I'd then have to remove the GRUB bootloader and fix mbr, rebuild bcd.  Anyhow, thank you for your assistance
  • Johnny_Utah71, I am just curious.  When you did the clone with Backupper did you select Disk Clone and if so did you specify the option to do a sector by sector clone?  It would seem to me that little checking is done on a sector by sector clone and if it copied the disc exactly like the original it might just work.  I know what the Admin said and she should know, but I am trying to learn all of the in's and out's of this program so I thought I would ask. 
  • Vbbritt, I believe at first I did not select "sector by sector" then the second time I did.
  • @Vbbritt, @Johnny_Utah71, AOMEI Backupper currently doesn't support GRUB boot. So, the cloned disk might be unable to boot. If you remove the GRUB and Kali system, our program can clone windows system.
  • @admin Gotcha.  The only program I could find that currently supports cloning dual boot systems is Clonezilla and it worked quite well for me.
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