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invalid system disk

hi everyone, I'm new here
I try to explain my problem.
I have in my company old machines that work with win98 and 2,5 HDD max capacity 8 GB.
2 years ago I made an image of the HDD in case of drive failure (with AOMEI Backupper).
Today I tried to load the HDD image on a new (used) HDD to restore the system after a problem but I received the following error just after the bios splash screen and HDD detection: "invalid system disk, replace disk and then press any key"
Where I do wrong? the image seems to be the same ( I took also some screenshoots from HDD management to evaluate partitions)

the problem is about MBR?
thanks for all your suggestions



  • edited July 2019
    Did you Clean the new HDD with Windows Diskpart before you did the restore?
    And is Windows 98 supported by AOMEI? I doubt it.
  • Windows 98? Not supported. It's 2019 now, time to upgrade your system.
  • it's no time to joke please 
    I know exactly what I'm asking but maybe you think that this is a only a old pc.
    This is a old OS istalled in one more than 150K $ machine; the OS cant be upgraded so what are my options?
    anyway the problem was solved yesterday
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