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Old Backups Not Being Deleted


In have setup Fullbackup+Incrementals.

Incrementals are setup with a backup scheme that I believe is supposed to run 10 backups then delete any of the earlier backups to free up space. It is being backed up to Nas box.

However, when I check the Nas box, there was an initial full backup done then 10 Incrementals and then a full backup again after the 10th Incremental, followed by Incrementals as such:-

My File Backup Full Backup 1     24/4/2019
My File Backup Full Backup 2     26/4/2019
My File Backup Incremental 3     27/04/2019
My File Backup Incremental 4     28/04/2019
My File Backup Incremental 5     29/04/2019
My File Backup Incremental 6  30/04/2019
My File Backup Incremental 7     01/05/2019
My File Backup Incremental 8     02/05/2019
My File Backup Incremental 9     03/05/2019
My File Backup Incremental 10    06/05/2019
My File Backup (Full Backup) 11  08/05/2019
My File Backup Incremental 12    08/05/2019
.......and so forth

1) why has the earlier backups not been deleted ?

2) When I open Aoemi and select restore, it only shows the following compared to what is on the Nas Box above. How come the restore option does not show the same as what is on the Nas Box ?:-

Full Backup created 24/04/2019 
Full Backup created 26/04/2019 
Full Backup created 05/05/2019 
Incremental Backup created 08/05/2019

Any help much appreciated.


  • 1. About how the Incremental Backup Scheme works, please refer to this link: https://www.backup-utility.com/help/backup-scheme.html
    2. Please import the backup image manually to see the result.
  • It's great how they just refer you to the manual instead of telling you what's going on, eh? I'm only doing the 3-incremental backup scheme for my documents. I have the same issue you do. Please let me know if you get it figured out.
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