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Windows update took needed space for my system image

My computer just crashed, so I reinstalled Windows 10 and thought I was in good shape because I had a system image. But no. The image won't load because there isn't enough space on the main partition. It is about 400mb too small for the image. What do I do?


  • Can you upload a screenshot of Disk Management?
  • If you actually have a system image there should be no need to install WIN 10 before you restore the image. Restoring the image will install you original WIN10 version, all your applications and files, to put you back to where you were before the crash. But if you've already installed WIN10 then the image will try to install your original WIN10 on top - which may explain why you've run out of space.
  • That makes sense, Chris, but for some reason I can't select the entire C: drive but only the main partition.
  • C: is also a partition.
    In my opinion It's always a good idea to clean the disk with diskpart before the system of disk restore.
    Then convert (in diskpart) to GPT if necessary. Clean removes all partitions so the disk looks like a new empty one..
  • This a bit belated but I've just gotten back to this thread. I agree with JohnnyboyGo about using Diskpart- Clean before a restore from an image. So the way to go is:
    -- Boot up the crashed computer using the already made WIN10 PE recovery CD/DVD or USB stick  (I've found that this takes a long time to happen with apparently nothing going on, but if you wait awhile it will boot OK).
    -- Use the AOMEI partition magic to get to a command prompt
    -- Run Diskpart, select the crashed disk and then run the Clean command
    -- Use AOMEI Backupper to restore the crashed disk using your system image
    -- When completed, if you wish, use AOMEI partition magic to examine the restored disk
    -- If the small "System" partition has been labelled "C" then remove this label using Partition Magic (for some reason, Backupper erroneously labels the System partition "C" when it should in fact not have a label)
    -- Remove the recovery CD/DVD or USB stick
    -- Reboot the computer and all should be well.

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