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Backups are MUCH LARGER than the space used on the drive

I have a client who I recommended getting this software (Backupper Pro) to do backups.  He has a drive that is 900GB, but is only using 82GB, and an additional partition with 23GB on it.  So a total of 100 to 110 GB of space should be all he needs so I got him a 1TB SSD to do a system backup.  However the system backup was 350GB, then we just tried a partition backup.  Same thing.  Please help as I would love to use this software.  Otherwise I would have to look for another solution.  He's on Windows 10 (upgraded from Win 7) and his drive are all defragmented.
I have noticed however that his drive is encrypted with Bitlocker... if that makes any difference?


  •  if that makes any difference?

    Or a checked "Make an exact backup" in the Backup Options tab Intelligent sector.
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