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AOMEI Backupper. Incorrect notification of new version availability.

Version AOMEI Backupper Standard 4.6.0 reported the availability of version 4.6.1. I successfully installed the new version on top of the previous one. However, the program still continues to report the availability of a new version of the program 4.6.1 despite the fact that it is already installed and it is running and even the program itself sees it and shows it in the notification. A screenshot is attached. Then why does the program persist in issuing a notification about the availability of the new version? And how to get rid of this false notification without disabling auto-checking of updates when you start the program, until the next new version of the program is actually available?


  • We just uploaded a new 4.6.1 version, please test it.
  • Do you mean download the new version again from the official site, install and check for the problem?

    Well, now will make and will check and write then here about the result

    But today I have and on the old version 4.6.1 the problem is no longer reproduced. When auto-checking for updates is enabled, the program no longer gives a false notification that a new version is available, and when you run a manual check for a new version, it tells you that the current version is the latest version.
  • I downloaded and installed the updated version 4.6.1. It also does not reproduce the problem. Thanks.
  • Thank you.
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