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Where did AOMEI Backupper (Standard) (FREE) 4.6.0 go?

Yesterday, the program AOMEI Backupper Standard (FREE) 4.5.6 reported (automatic notification) about the availability of a new version (4.6.0). And yesterday I downloaded and installed it. And today it turned out that this new version of (4.6.0) on site is missing. What's the matter? The new version is withdrawn? Why? Can I continue to use version 4.6.0 or should I roll back to the previous version (4.5.6)? Thanks in advance for the answer.


  • I rolled back to version 4.5.6. Nevertheless, we would like to know where version 4.6.0 has disappeared from the site.
  • @RusUser

    Create an Aomei account and the download link will be available
  • You cloud continue to use version 4.6.0, just a website issue.
  • @Vagn_32 Thanks for the advice. What other advantages does the creation of an AOMEI account give if only free versions of the company's products are used?
  • @Admin Yes, version 4.6.0 is now available again on the website.

  • However, the program (version 4.5.6) no longer reports a new version of the program 4.6.0. Neither an automatic message nor a manual check for a new version. When you run a manual version check, it tells you that the current version (4.5.6) is the latest version.

  • @RusUser

    I just did it myself and I saw your topic and I decided to give it a touch.
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