PE Builder and SDXC Card

I have a small Windows 10 computer with a 64 GB SSD. It has a card reader to expand the external memory. I have a 128 GB SDXC ScanDisk card which appears correctly in Windows Explorer.

I have used PE Builder to create a bootable USB flash drive and have included the appropriate driver for the card reader. The intention is to save Backups to the external card rather than a separate USB disk drive.

Unfortunately, the card reader does not appear as one of the available devices when running under WinPE from the USB flash drive. External USB disk drives are shown correctly.

Using the SDXC card would be very convenient, as it would provide a compact and portable recovery solution.


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    Can you see the sdxc card from winpe?

    open cmd prompt, type notepad, when notepad pops up, click File>Save and browse to see the drives.
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