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  • I have AOMEI Backupper Standard Free edition with Differential backups (DBs)scheduled to run and be verified every Friday at 6pm. I can understand a scheduled backup being run later than scheduled if the computer has not been switched on but, on two occasions, weeks apart, something has caused the schedule to run a day early and then again at the correct day and time a day later. My computer clock is set correctly and stable so does anyone know what might be causing the extra DB to run out of schedule?

  • Can you show me your scheduled backup configuration?

  • Here are 3 pictures showing my backup configuration.

    imageBackupper Schedule1.png

    imageBackupper Schedule2.png

    imageBackupper Schedule3.png

  • Does anyone know if there is a keyboard shortcut that accidentaly triggers an unscheduled backup to happen?

  • A day earlier means 24 hours earlier? Which means the backup ran at 6pm on Thursday?

  • When I say a day early I do not mean that in an exact way. I think the first time it happened it was at some random time (morning or afternoon?) the day before it should have run. The second time I think it started at 6pm on the Thursday, 24 hours early. Both out of schedule.

  • So your computer is open every Friday afternoon? Maybe your computer was off from Friday to Wednesday, so the backup ran on Thursday?

  • I have not been away from home for any "Friday to Wednesday" periods and my computer is used every day. The most I have been away is for one night and even if this was a Friday then it would have run a backup on Saturday or Sunday when I switched the computer on again.

  • As long as the problem doesn't get any worse then I can live with it. It has only happened twice since Backupper was installed in October 2017 and it is a simple matter to delete the extra backup. I was just curious and also thought AOMEI would be interested but if there is a solution then all the better.

  • It is not yet clear what caused the problem, how about creating a new backup task?

  • For now I will carry on without changes but if the issue becomes more frequent then I will create a new backup task.

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