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  • When I do a full backup using "AOMEI Backupper standard" there is a message: "The above files are being used by other programs, so is unable to backup them. Please click the following button to continue.
    Mode Backup: (recommended) The rogram will restart computer and enter
    the restart mode (windows pe mode) to complete this backup
    retry: after close other programs to release the occupation of the files and click retry.
    skip: if you do not want to backup the above files, click skip to ignore them.
    cancel: cancel this backup operation."

    I check using the program "Unlocker" - files is not busy.

    The problem is what can be?


  • Please try to backup in PE mode to see if error persists.

  • In the PE mode, the error continues to repeat.

  • Please shorten the path of source file and try again.

  • Shortest path to source file (see attachment).
    Software is installed at the specified path. It would be difficult to shorten the path.




  • Can you upload the log files in Backupper installation directory?

  • Thank you, we will analyze the problem.

  • Hi!

    News there?

  • Sorry, the cause of the problem has not been found yet.

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