Clone message "Source Disk contains over 3 partitons."

Newbi here.

I'm trying to clone 750gb hdd to 500gb ssd and using the free Aomei Backupper disk clone feature and getting this message.  unfortunatly I don't follow the corrective steps that it wants me to take. 

full contents of message.

"Note: The source disk contains over 4 partitions. Disk Clone only supports to copy 3 partitions at most from gpt disk to mbr disk.  You can use Aomei Partition Assistant to convert the destination disk to gpt or convert the source disk to mbr disk, and then do the operation again."

Questions are,

1)How do I convert the target disk to gpt or the the source disk to mbr? 

2)Is there a chance of source problems after converted to mbr? 

3)How do I use aomei software to accomplish clone?

4)Is Aomei the correct tool?   If not what other tool?



  • You can use Aomei partition Assistant to convert the target disk to gpt.

    In Partititon Assistant main window, rt click the target disk and the context menu will list "convert to GPT disk". Select that, and then click the green Apply button at top left.

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    Don't convert to MBR !!!

    You obviously want to install the new SSD in the computer after the clone process.

    You have an UEFI machine, they don't boot with an MBR disk. Only on GPT.

    So if the cloning process doesn't automatically convert the destination to GPT, do so with Windows Diskpart.

    Goto Command prompt and type:

    Diskpart <enter>

    List disk

    select disk #  (number of SSD)


    Convert GPT



    And clone again.

  • Ok, I understand now.  The aomei clone disk process copied my hdd gpt partition and created an mbr partition my ssd.  My suggestion is to alter aomei clone disk to not change the partition type unless requested.

    Anyway you all were a great help.


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    I don't think you do understand foxkansan. Aomei didn't convert your destination disk to MBR. It appears what you tried to do is clone a GPT disk to a disk that was already formated MBR and Aomei told you it couldn't perform that operation. If you would follow what JohnnyboyGo said and convert your destination drive to GPT the clone process would probably work. GPT disks can support almost an unlimited number of partitions but an MBR disk can only support 4 partitions. That is what Aomei was telling you. 

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