Main Threads:Manually delete backups on backup disk
  • I think need to start over with my disk backups. My current backup is for my C: drive. I would like to have full backup of my C: (PC drive) & I: (Ex HDD): drive so when I get my scheduled backups they include both these drives rather than just the C: drive. My thought is to manually delete the unwanted backups from the backup drive then start over by creating new full disk  backup that includes C & I drives as starting point for my scheduled backups. Question: If I manually delete the unwanted backup from the backup drive, what happens to the backup counter? Will it reset? so my backups start at 1 rather than 6 (or what ever last backup number was)?

  • Hi, not sure what do you mean by "backup counter"? Why don't you just create a new backup?

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