Mysterious problem with Backupper

I am mystified by the results when I use Aomei Back Upper to clone a drive in Windows 10. I cloned a 760GB Western Digital system drive to a Sandisk Ultra 500GBSSD using the disk clone option, not the OS option. The original drive had 40% free and the cloning went smoothly leaving 10% free on the SSD. I tested the new drive two ways. I tried removing the original HDD before booting from thenew disc and I also tried keeping the original disc in place and using BIOS to select the SSD to boot from. Using both methods I can boot and Windows seems to work except that left clicking on the start menu doesn't work. (Right clicking on the start menu works as normal.) There is no such problem when I boot from the original drive.


The only clue I have found is that when I shut down (after booting from the cloned disk) I get the message "Task Host is stopping background tasks (\Microsoft\Windows\Plug and Play\Device Install Reboot Required)"


Before cloning I disabled hibernation and restore to reduce space and defragged (but Windows still wouldn't allow me to shrink the partition). That means the original partition is larger than the target drive. Aomei shouldn't have a problem with this.  I repeated the cloning in case it was a fluke but I got exactly the same outcome the second time.


Thanks for any ideas.


From Drive Manager after booting fromoriginal drive (ignoring irrelevant drives):


Disc 1 (the SSD)

E: 465GB NTFS                                                            F:  975MB NTFS

Healthy (Active, Primary Partition)                                Healthy (Primary Partition)


Disc 3 (the original WD drive)


C: 698GB NTFS                                                           [no letter] 464MB

Healthy (System, Boot, Page File,                               Healthy(Recovery Partition)

Active, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)        


After booting from the new drive:


Disc 1 

C: 465GB NTFS                                                            F:  975MB NTFS

Healthy (System, Boot, Page File,                               Healthy(Primary Partition)

Active, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)        


Disc 3


E: 698GB NTFS                                                            [no letter] 464MB

Healthy (Active, Primary Partition)                                Healthy (Recovery Partition)



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    So the normal (left) clicking on the start menu button does not work at this moment. That happens a lot with Windows 10. I don't know if it has something to do with the cloning, but:

    - Try "Restart" instead of ShutDown.

    - Probably the problem will vanish wth a new update of Wiindows 10. 

    - Most of the time it suddenly works again....

    - You can turn PC off, disconnect the power cable from PC and remove the battery (laptops) then push the on/off button for 20 seconds. Connect again and boot.

    - Personally I don't like the default Start menu anyway. I installed the free Classic Shell software giving WIndows 10 (or 8) a Windows 7 style button and ditto menu.

  • Thanks for comments. The clone was hosed. I solved it by using Macrium so clone. It automatically shrinks the partition. I saw somewhere that Aomei was capable of cloning to a smaller disc but either it isn't or I did something wrong.

  • OK, my last post was incorrect and unfair to Aomei. THe Macrium clone has turned out with exactly the same results as before. It is weird that the start menu works when booting from the original disc but not when booting from the cloned disc. They partitions are now identical on the two of them and I can't think what could be different in the two scenarios.

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