Main Threads:Integrate Raid (like Dell Perc) drivers into AOMEI Backupper
  • Hi AOMEI folks,

    we have a question how to add raid drivers into the running Windows AOMEI installation or better the used image for system recovery (WinPE or Linux).

    At the moment we can restore servers booting from CD or USB with manual integrated drivers but the automated restore from within the Win2016 standard server system doesnt work because probably AOMEI doesn't find the disk because of missing drivers.

    The AOMEI WinPE suddendly stops after booting from the Windows wizard and the system did not show any sign of the system disks.

    Thanks for the tips to solve this  ... (didnt find the information in the forum, documentation or faqs)

    Best regards 


  • the automated restore from within the Win2016 standard server system doesnt work

    —I think you are talking about the Restart Mode in Backupper, right?

  • Hiho,

    yes i meant the restart mode in backupper to restore a former system/disk backup from an internal RDX drive or another source.

    So about your answer. Whats the sense of the restore function within the system if it doesnt work for the most/all raid systems? The manual created WinPE works but the WinPE from within the system fails. 

    There should be a possibility to a adjust the WinPE System used by AOMEI within the system or a better envoirment check by AOMEI itself.

    Any solutions in the pipeline?

    Best regards ...


  • Please check whether there is an ampe.iso in Backupper installation directory, if yes, copy your manual created WinPE to the directory and replace the current ISO.

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