BackUpper 4.0.6 on x86 system creates x64 Windows 10 PE?

edited December 2017 in AOMEI Products Support

I used the PE Builder 2.0 to make both x64 and x86 full environment Win10 PE... it worked great.. also wanted to create minimal WIN10 PE environment in 32bit and 64bit ISO format.. that is when problems showed up..   We have x86 virtual machine running windows 10 which BackUpper 4.0.6 was installed on and resulting WINPE.iso was x64... verified multiple times that in fact was downloading and compiling x64 image.  does anyone else running into this issue?



  • Did you tick the option "Download WinPE creating environment from internet"?

  • yes.. i check the box. because even if i downloaded files manually and followed instructions, they still won't show up as being on system.

  • Unlike PE Builder, Backupper doesn't have the option to choose x86 or x64 environment, it will only download 64 bit environment even if it is installed on a 32 bit system.

    You can uncheck the option to use the system built-in 32 bit environment.

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