An FYI on 4.0.5 Create Bootable Disk

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This is just an FYI for users and for any AOMEI moderator who might be monitoring the forum:

I tested the "create a bootable disk" function of the new update 4.0.5 Pro release. I selected to burn a CD using the "legacy" boot option for a Win 10, 64 bit PC. I did not use the download the WinPE environment option as I had previously downloaded and installed the ADK package for version 1703 from Microsoft.

The disk burned quickly but stopped at 99%. At this point, I had a popup come up showing the contents of the CD so I assumed the burning process was complete. I waited a few more minutes, but it never passed 99%. I cancelled the program. I then rebooted with the CD as the first boot option. It took a minute or two, but it did load up in a Win 10 environment with AOMEI Backupper Pro running. I tried the utility option to check the integrity of an image. I plugged in my removable USB drive and browsed the PC to the location on that drive with my AOMEI backups. I did an integrity check on the last image I created and it checked it successfully. I removed the CD and closed the program. It rebooted back into my normal Win 10 desktop with no problems.

So basically, the FYI is that the disk burning process still hangs at 99% but the disk was created successfully. I hope this helps anyone trying this process and I hope the forum moderator passes this information on to AOMEI. 


  • Thank you for the information.

  • thats been a problem for a long time with aomei creating a boot disk but if you just close with ctrl,shift delete it brings up task manager just press end task and the disk will be bootable its always been that way ive had to do it dont no why they have never fixe it

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