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Hi, i 've just purchased the 6 apps AOMEI bundle and checking them (as i usual do) at Virus Total i get a warning for two of them  PAssist_Setup.exe  and MyRecover_WinSetup.exe. The most significant matter is that THE one warning is from ESET-NODE 32.
So what should i do ? Please advise


  • @SpiKal, AOMEI Partition Assistant integrated data recovery (MyRecovery) feature. But, MyRecover is to provide a data recovery function. It only provides a data recovery function, there are no hidden services or gray features, so please feel free to use it. You can use ESET's “Exclude signatures from detection” feature to exclude this file: to prevent detected files from being interrupted on your computer in the future, click Advanced Settings and check the checkbox next to “Exclude from detection”, then click “Ignore “.
    Also, we will actively communicate with Eset to resolve this tip.
  • Thanks a lot mate. I will follow your advice installing them.
  • Partition Assistant reported by Webroot 2024.
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