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Will Disk Backup restore broken System Restore 0x81000203

Good Afternoon
My System Restore has stopped working and is showing Error 0x81000203.
I have tried a few suggestions from the internet to try to fix it but without success so far.
I do have a very recent (3 days) Aomei Disk Backup on an External HDD which was done whilst the System Restore was working.
If I restore this Disk Backup to the computer C: Drive will it put the System Restore back in and allow it to work as before?  If I were to do this are there any special precautions I should take?
My OS is Windows 10 Home 64bit 1909.
Hope someone can help me.


  • @Daddybear, Sorry for the inconvenience. Please press Win+R, and then run "regedit" to open the registry. Then, please find the following path:
    Then, please double-click "UpperFilters" to check if the "volsnap" is deleted. If yes, please add and save it manually.

  • Good Morning
    Many thanks for your reply and solution to my problem.
    In fact, since my first post, I have found that exact same solution during a wide ranging internet search and have installed it successfully.
    Do you know why "volsnap" has been deleted ? What is "volsnap" anyway?
    The only change I made to my computer before System Restore stopped working was to update my Aomei Standard program from v. 6.2.0 to 6.3.0 after setting a Restore point to cover the procedure and downloading 6.3.0 from the Aomei website - which is my normal way of updating Aomei.
    During my attempts to cure the fault I did uninstall the v. 6.3.0 and have now successfully installed v. 6.1.0 after setting a new Restore point.
    I have done this because I am nervous about installing v. 6.3.0 again following my recent experiences.  I also have a laptop with 6.2.0 installed but am not keen to update to 6.3.0 on that machine either for the same reasons.
    Do you think that the v. 6.3.0 caused the System Restore fault ?
  • Hi, I also had the same problem (System Restor Error: 0x81000203) after the installation of v6.3.0 PRO (trial).  I managed to solve the problem with the addition of "volsnap" (suggested by @Admin). In the process I removed  'ambakdrv' which I understand is a AOMEI parameter.

    My Question: Should the "UpperFilters"(*) have both 'volnap' *and*  'ambakdrv' keywords for AOMEI to work?


    Thanks for your feedback

  • @Daddybear, @Kes, "volnap" is the driver of VSS service, while the "ambakdrv" is the driver of AOMEI Backupper.
    Sorry that AOMEI Backupper 6.3 accidentally delete the "volnap" when installing it. But, when you re-add the "volnap", AOMEI Backupper will not delete it again when you using AOMEI Backupper.
    We have fixed the problem in the next version. We will release the new version asap. 
  • edited September 2021
    This probably caused problem in a lot of systems. I occasionally noticed VSS / system restore not working and it took few days to find out the solution in the Internet. Using 6.5.x now

    It would be good that newer AOMEI installer should check this registry key and write volsnap there is this value is missing. 
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