Delete recovery partition in windows 10 Creator Update 1709


I have an issue. I have windows 10 pro creator
update I bought it. 1709 and I have a recovery partition that windows
created when I installed windows. I have another third party software
that I use called roll back rx if I run into problems So I don't need
this recovery partition. So I called the other third party partitioning
software company and they did a remote connect to my pc because I could
not delete the recovery partition in windows with disk part it said
Acsess is denied. So it was looking for some sort of permission and I
did not know how to do that. I only know for windows files or folders.
Not for Partitions so What the other tech did was he put some files on a
usb stick that I had plugged into my windows 10 Creators 1709 version
and he put a third party software of theres on it and I was able to boot
using the usb to the software and get into the shell or command
promptand I ran the disk part againand it worked I was able to delete
that recovery partition and turn it into unallocated disk space. now
that I'm back in windows I cannot merge the unallocated disk space back
to the c drive and extend the c partition to that I can use it the
options are not there or there greyed out in windows disk managment and
all the partitioning software that I have tried. And I do not know how
to do it with disk part in windows 10. So I was wondering if you guys
could maybe tell me how. Oh the file system says it's Unallocated. It
says the partition can only merge ntfs and fat 32 Partitions The file
system is unknown.


  • Can you upload a screenshot of Disk Management?

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    This may be a workaround, but if you make a SYSTEM backup with Aomei, and then do a SYSTEM restore to another disk (or same one but you might lose everything if there's an error), the recovery partition will not be copied over. This should allow you to extend the partition. 

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