Can/should I schedule major folder backups separately?

I've been using scheduled batch jobs using WinZIP command line as my backup mechanism and am considering changing to Backupper. I have three major directories in C:; let's call them user_date_A, user_data_B, and user_data_C. I ran WinZIP separately on each of the three. Each was a separate command in the batch file, so they were backed up consecutively.

     In Backupper, should and can I do the same, or should I put all three user_data_X directories in the same backup task? 

     Similarly, if I also have a System Backup Task, should I be concerned that it run serially with the user_data backup task? 


  • You mean backup in Backupper GUI or through command line?

  • I'm using the GUI. 

  • Yes, AOMEI Backupper can backup the folders separately or in the same task.

    The system backup task will not run serially with the user_data backup task.

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