Use AOMEI Partition Assistant

Learn how to use AOMEI Partition Assistant and Backupper in the shortest time

Main Console

You will see the interface below when you start this software. There are main partition manangement functions listing in the main console of AOMEI

Partiton: Extend Partiton, Disk / Partition Copy, Migrate OS to SSD,Partition Recovery, NTFS to FAT32 Wizard, Copy, Create, Format, or Merge Partititions, etc.

Partition management Wizard

Wizard functions can lead you to manage partitions and disks quickly. It offers you with powerful and advanced functions. Such as:

Disk & Partition Operation

If you have encountered some basic partition problems, you can choose any option that can solve your problems from Disk Operation, or Right click

on the partition bar. It offers multiple functions:


Right click on partition bar, and you will see “Advanced” option. There are some powerful functions to manage partition:

Process Operation

Every operation will be recorded into Pending Opration, and if you don’t want to change, please click “Apply” button.,etc.

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