Overview of AOMEI PXE Boot Tool


What is PXE boot? It is booting multiple client computers within same LAN from an image file on a server computer through the network boot for system maintenance and optimization. It’s easy to use. After installation, you just need a few clicks following the PXE boot process. Besides, it supports synchronous boot of multiple computers.

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When to Use AOMEI PXE Boot Tool?

  • Many computers need maintain/update/install OS but plaguy to insert CD/USB in them one by one.
  • Lots of clients within LAN need install system but they have no CD-ROM drive/USB ports.
  • Multiple bare metals need install system but their CD-ROM drive & USB ports are unavailable.
  • Many clients need of system installation but no CD/USB image to boot them up.
  • Computer can’t start and can’t boot through image on inner disk.

Advantages of AOMEI PXE Boot Tool

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AOMEI Backupper is a powerful backup and restore software; it's also a necessity for system maintenance. Yet, AOMEI PXE Boot is a tool deriving from AOMEI Backupper. Therefore, you can make use of this PXE tool through downloading the free edition of AOMEI Backupper.

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