By Dylan / Last Updated July 20, 2021

What is "Live Photos"

Live Photos can shoot 1.5 seconds of video before and after the shutter is released. That is 3 seconds of video, and is available on iPhone 6s and later.

The photo image is saved as a video, and it is fun to tap and move. It is very convenient because it can be set as wallpaper and lock screen.

However, there are some things to keep in mind when shooting Live Photos. That is, Live Photos consume twice storage space as much as regular photos. Because the effect of Live Photo is composed by combining .jpeg and .mp4 files, it occupies much storage.

If you save multiple Live Photos to your iPhone, the storage capacity will be consumed quickly.

3 ways to save Live Photos to computer

As mentioned above, if you take a lot of Live Photos, your iPhone will run out of storage space. You’d better save important Live Photos to a USB or PC to solve the shortage of space.

Next, for those who want to backup Live Photos to PC, here are three ways to import Live Photos to PC.

Method 1. Introduce Live Photos to PC with USB cable included with iPhone

Live Photos can be imported to a computer using the lightning cable.

However, you need to install iTunes on your PC. Since photo data is arranged in a row, it is difficult to find a large number of photos. Also, it is not recommended because there are frequent errors that can't import photos from iPhone to PC when using this method.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to PC with a lightning cable. Then you will see the iPhone icon in Windows File Explorer.

Step 2. Click iPhone> Internal Storage> DCIM> 100APPLE. When you enter the folder 100APPLE, you can see the JPG and MOV files and also Live Photos.

Step 3. Find the Live Photos you want to save on your computer and copy the two files JPG and MOV to your computer. Then, backup of Live Photos to PC is completed.

Method 2. Save live photos to computer with iCloud

As you know, when you turn on "iCloud Photo Library" on iPhone, a large number of photos taken by iPhone would be automatically uploaded to iCloud and can be downloaded and saved on your computer. Because it supports Live Photos, you can save Live Photos to your computer using iCloud.


However, keep in mind that iCloud has a maximum storage period of 30 days and a maximum of 1000 copies. And please make sure there is enough free space on your iCloud storage. If your iCloud storage is full, iCloud will fail to save photos to a computer.

Step 1. iPhone “Settings”> Apple ID> “iCloud”> “Photos” and turn on iCloud Photo Library. Then all photos and videos including Live Photos will be uploaded to iCloud.

Step 2. Access “” on your PC browser, enter the same Apple ID as your iPhone and log in.

Step 3. Select the "Photos" icon, find the Live Photos you want to backup to your computer, and download the two files, JPG and MOV, to your computer. Then you complete importing Live Photos to PC with iCloud.

You can upload iPhone Live Photos to iCloud Photos, then import them to your computer and save them.

Method 3. Save live photos to computer with MBackupper

MBackupper is an iPhone to Windows PC transfer software which allows you to easily transfer not only photos, but also messages, music, videos and contacts to your Windows PC on a simple pane. It gives you flexible selection to meet your needs. It is an ideal and extremely useful solution to protect your important iPhone data from loss or damage. If you use Windows PC, MBackupper is your best choice.

Now we will show you how to transfer live photos from iPhone to Computer with MBackupper. First, download and install MBackupper on your computer for free.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. Then tap Trust This Computer on your iPhone.

Step 2. On the home screen, you have 2 options, Click Custom Backup or Photos Backup. Chose Photos Backup.

photos backup

click icon

Step 3. You can click the icon to select the pictures that you want to back up and click the button OK.

Select pictures

Step 4. Then specify a path as the destination to store the backup on PC.

Step 5. At last click Start Backup to start the transfer and wait for it to complete task.

Step 6. When your images backup is completed. You can see all backup tasks in Backup Management.

backup finished


There are many ways to transfer live photos from your iPhone to your Windows computer.

However, both ways are inconvenient. Only MBackupper can do this in a fast and efficient way without missing any images. It's useful software to protect your iPhone from data loss disaster. Besides, this tool can also help you to make a full iPhone backup on the computer.