By Dylan / Last Updated December 22, 2020

Transfer songs from iPhone to iPhone using AirDrop

iPhone is not only a tool for communication but also an excellent media player. You could enjoy the beautiful melody with it. At the same time, it also allows you to easily share music tracks to your friends and family.

If you use an Android phone, you may need to transfer music tracks with Bluetooth when the recipient is nearby, but the transfer speed could be slow. iPhone shows its unique feature here. You could transfer songs from iPhone to iPhone using AirDrop. It is like an upgraded Bluetooth, but transfer faster than Bluetooth.

There’s something important you should know that AirDrop doesn’t transfer music tracks yet it would send a link not the file. If you want to transfer music files, you should use the second method in this passage.

Since AirDrop is an iPhone built-in tool, you could only use it between iPhones. You can follow this passage to transfer songs from iPhone to iPhone using AirDrop.

How to use AirDrop to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone?

Before using AirDrop, you should do some preparation on your iPhone.

AirDrop is another kind of Bluetooth-like tool so that it only allows you to transfer music to the device within about 30 feet.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both iPhone should be turned on. You don’t have to connect iPhone to an available Wi-Fi. AirDrop just needs this to build a connection between iPhone. Don’t keep personal hotspot on, because it would force Wi-Fi shut down.

You should check the AirDrop setting on the target iPhone. Go to Settings > General > AirDrop and you would see Receiving Off, Contacts Only and Everyone. If the source iPhone is a contact on the target iPhone, choose Contacts Only; if not, then select Everyone. You could enter AirDrop settings by swiping down from the upper-right corner to enter Control Center and then tap the icon of AirDrop.

Now you are ready to transfer songs from iPhone to iPhone using AirDrop. Follow the steps below to complete your task.

Step 1. Open Music and play the song you want to transfer. Tap the three dots in the lower right corner and select Share Song.

Step 2. The device nearby which is ready for AirDrop would be automatically shown or you need to manually tap AirDrop to look for the target device.

Step 3. After you find the device, tap it and then your request would be sent to the target iPhone. Prompt that someone would like to share your file would be sent to the target iPhone first. Tap Accept to complete transfer.

If you have other music tracks to transfer, repeat the steps.

AirDrop music on iPhone

Transfer multiple songs from iPhone to iPhone at once

AirDrop could be pretty convenient when there are just not so many songs to transfer. If you have many songs you want to share, you’d better try a powerful tool, AOMEI MBackupper. It is a professional file transfer for iPhone and it would surely help you transfer songs to your friends or family as many as you wish. You could transfer the music tracks on your iPhone to PC and then transfer them to the target iPhone. After the task, you could still keep the copy on your computer.

Preview Music Tracks: You could preview the music tracks on your iPhone before you transfer them to computer and select the needed ones rather than the whole folder.

Quickly Transfer: Speed is the most advantage of AOMEI MBackupper. Your task would be completed in seconds.

Flexibly Transfer: It allows you to restore files to another device including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You could also transfer files to different versions of iOS, so don’t worry you use iOS12, while the target iPhone runs iOS 11.

Widely Compatible: It supports the latest iPhone 12/11, iPad 8/Air 4, and also supports iOS 14.

The steps to transfer music with AOMEI MBackupper

Now you are ready to use this application, follow the instruction below to transfer songs from iPhone to iPhone.

Step 1. Download AOMEI MBackupper and connect your iPhone to computer with USB. Remember to tap Trust This Computer on your iPhone.

Step 2. Click Custom Backup and then unselect the other selection if you don’t want them. Click Music to enter selecting your music tracks. After you have selected the music tracks you want, click on the orange-button OK.

select music

Step 3. Click on Start Backup in the lower-right corner and then the selected music tracks would be transferred to your computer.

backup music

Step 4. Disconnect your iPhone and plug in the target iPhone. Tap Trust This Computer on the target iPhone.

Step 5. Choose the task in Backup Management and click the Arrow “Restore”, and then you could also preview and select music tracks by clicking Music. Click on Start Restore and the selected songs would be imported to the target iPhone.

restore to device


You could easily transfer songs from iPhone to iPhone using AirDrop under the instruction above, while AirDrop just allows you transfer one song every time, if you have multiple music tracks to share, you’d better use AOMEI MBackupper to conveniently transfer as many songs as you want.