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How to transfer photos from iTunes to iPhone?

----I’ve backed up iPhone to computer but iTunes does not show my photos. I need to get these photos to my new iPhone so anybody could tell me how to transfer photos from iTunes to iPhone?

- Question from an Apple User

Photos could be very important files on iPhone. After you take beautiful pictures or download delicate images from the Internet, you could enjoy them from time to time. They should be saved to make sure you never lost them. You might have known several methods to save iPhone photos to computer with iTunes but are not so familiar to how to transfer photos on computer from iTunes to iPhone. You should know what iTunes backup includes and how iTunes works. You could not export just photos from iTunes.

● You might have downloaded many pictures from the Internet on PC and want to transfer these photos to iPhone.
● You might have saved iPhone photos to computer and want to transfer data to new iPhone.
● You might want to save pictures from computer to iPhone, so you could share them with friends.

In the following content, you would know how to transfer photos from iTunes 12.9/12.10 to iPhone on computer or Mac. If you use Mac OS Catalina, you could not find iTunes on iPhone because it has been removed, but you could transfer photos from Mac to iPhone without iTunes and don’t need to install other software.

iTunes Logo

Method 1. How to transfer Photos on computer from iTunes 12 to iPhone?

iTunes has a lot of useful features, but there might be too many features that new users would complain about the complicated GUI. You could use it transfer photos from PC to iPhone by the following steps:

Step 1. Launch iTunes and connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.

You should make sure the connection is stable. Find a good lightning cable and plug it into an undamaged USB port.

Device Icon in iTunes

Step 2. Select your device in iTunes

After your iPhone is recognized by iTunes, you could click the device icon in the upper-left corner to interact with your iPhone. It is suggested to uncheck Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected.

iTunes Automatically Sync

Step 3. Select photos on computer

After you select your iPhone, you could select Photos in the left. You should turn off iCloud Photos on iPhone, going to iPhone Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos to switch off the button, or you could not sync photos with iTunes.

Check Sync Photos and select Copy photos from Pictures (it could be any folder on PC). If you wish to sync all the photos, just select all folders. If you just want part of them, you could choose Selected folders. It is suggested to prepare all the wanted pictures in a new folder, so it would be easy to manage them on iPhone.

Sync Photos Using iTunes

Step 4. Sync photos from iTunes to iPhone

After all the preparation and settings, you could click Apply at the bottom to transfer photos from iTunes to iPhone.

Note: You could find all the photos from iTunes in Photos app on iPhone. If you want to delete them, just connect iPhone to iTunes, deselect Sync Photos and click Apply. These photos could coexist with iCloud photos. If you turn on iCloud Photos, they would be removed from iPhone, so you’d better backup iPhone photos to computer with the professional tool before you do that.

Method 2. How to transfer photos from Mac to iPhone using iTunes/Finder?

If you use Mac OS rather than Windows OS, you could still use iTunes to transfer photos from Mac to iPhone. It works in the same way as you use it on a Windows computer. If you use Mac OS Catalina, Finder would do the same thing as iTunes does. Find iTunes on you Mac and follow the steps:

Step 1: Open iTunes/Finder on Mac and connect iPhone to Mac with USB cable

Connect iPhone to computer and the connection should be stable.

Step 2: Select your device on Mac

If you use iTunes, click the device icon in the upper-left corner. If you use Finder, you could click the device name in the sidebar.

Finder Backup iPhone On Mac OS Catalina

Step 3: Select wanted photos on Mac

Select Photos and check Sync Photos. Select the folders of photos you want.

Finder Sync Photos

Step 4: Transfer photos from Mac to iPhone

After you select every folder, click Apply to transfer photos from iTunes/Finder to iPhone.

Tips: How to view or delete these photos is the same as when you do that on a Windows computer in method 1.

Method 3. How to protect iPhone photos and quickly transfer photos to iPhone?

You might find that using iTunes or Finder is not so convenient. After you transfer photos from iTunes to iPhone, there are so many limitations. You could not even download iCloud photos to iPhone if you keep photos synced from iTunes, or you just need to get photos from iCloud to new iPhone. If you want to transfer photos to new iPhone, what to do to break the limitations?

You could use mBackupper to transfer photos to your new iPhone as you wish. It is far more professional than iTunes or Finder when transfer photos to new iPhone. It is strongly suggested to backup photos to computer so that you would never worry about losing photos.

  • Preview photos on iPhone and select the wanted photos to transfer

  • Transfer photos at an amazing speed

  • Save the copy of photos on computer

  • Transfer photos to another device including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (iOS 13 supported. The new iPhone SE in 2020 is supported.)

  • Transfer photos on Windows 10/8.1/8/7

Step 1. Download and launch mBackupper and connect source iPhone to computer with USB cable

You should tap “Trust” on iPhone to let mBackupper recognize your iPhone.

Step 2. Select the photos you want to transfer

Click Photos Backup and then click the icon to preview and select the photos you want to transfer to your new iPhone. After that, click OK to return.

Select Pictures

Step 3. Save photos to computer

Click Start Backup and then your photos would be saved to computer in seconds.

Click On Start Backup

Step 4. Transfer photos to new iPhone

Disconnect the source iPhone and connect your new iPhone to computer. Select the task in Backup Management and select Restore. You could still check the photos by clicking the icon on the home screen. After everything is ready, click Start Restore to transfer photos to the new iPhone immediately.

Restore To Device


You might want to transfer photos from iTunes to iPhone for some reason. Just connect iPhone to iTunes and sync photos in Photos section. If you use Mac OS Catalina, you could transfer photos from Finder to iPhone.

You might not like the limitations of iTunes or Finder, so you could easily transfer photos from PC to iPhone with mBackupper with no limitation.

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