By AOMEI / Last Updated January 21, 2020

Why transfer photos and videos from iPhone to PC?

Nowdays, the majority of users have an iPhone and use it to take photos and videos. And you may have many photos and videos after a long time. In this situation, some of them may want to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to PC. Why do so? Here are two possible reasons for it.

✧ For backup and disaster recovery. You may lose all your photos and videos because of bumping, beating, fire, stolen etc. To avoid this issue, you may need to create a backup for your photos and videos, and then you restore them using this backup.

✧ For more space. After using iPhone for a long time, your pictures and videos may becomes more and more. Sometime, they can result in low memory. So, you need to get them off your iPhone and save it to computer.

Next, I’ll show you how to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to PC in Windows 7/8/10. Here are 3 methods in the following. The first one is the fastest and easiest.

How to send photos and videos from iPhone to PC with mBackupper?

In this way, I’ll introduce you a free but professional iPhone transfer or backup export mBackupper, which allows you to send photos and videos together to PC without any obstacle. And this software can be used on any Windows PC, such as, Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, etc.

Then, I’d like to introduce what is great about this software.

Widely compatibility. This software is compatible with all iOS system, even the latest iOS 13.

Backup and transfer speed is very fast, higher than the average on the market. For example, you can backup 46.04GB videos on iPhone X with only 39 minutes and 27 seconds. Also, you can backup 5.51GB photos with just 6 minutes.

Transferring pictures and videos selectively. By default, this software will check all photos and videos in iPhone. But you can manually uncheck the photos and videos you don’t want to backup or transfer.

Previewing pictures and videos without restoration. In general, backed up photos and videos can only be seen after restoration. In this software, you can preview them on this software with “Browse” feature.

To send photos and videos using mBackupper:

1. Connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable, unlock it and click “Trust this Computer” if asked.

2. Download mBackupper, install and launch it.

3. Click “Custom Backup” in the main page.

Custom Backup

4. Uncheck “Music”, “Messages”, “Contacts” and keep only “Photos”, “Videos” ticked.

Select Photos Videos

5. Click “Photos” or “Videos” and uncheck what you don’t want to transfer.

Select Photos Manually

6. Then, click the horizontal line next to “Path” and select a path to save your photos and videos. At last, click “Backup” button.

Change Path

Besides, this software also allows you to transfer Photos, videos separately from iPhone to computer. Also, transferring music files, messages and contacts is supported.

How to transfer pictures from iPhone to computer with Windows Photos?

Windows Photos is a built-in tool in Windows 8, 8.1, 10, which allows you to import photos and videos from iPhone 7, 8, S, XS, X, 11, etc to PC via a folder or USB device. And it will save the transferred data on local folder.

Detailed steps to transfer pictures and videos:

1. Connect your phone and unlock it. Then click Trust and type the password if you are asked to Trust this computer.

2. Click Import and select From A USB device after the Windows Photos pop up. Then, it will automatically detect your photos and videos on the iPhone, you just need to wait for a few minutes.

From A Usb Device

Note: If the Windows Photos does not pop up automatically, you can click Start and select it from Start menu.

3. Then, Click Import Selected to transfer all of your photos and videos. If you just want to transfer some of them, you can uncheck photos and videos you don’t want to export. Then, wait for the operation until it’s 100% completed and see these photos and videos on your computer.

How to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to PC using iTunes?

In iPhone, the iTunes is a must-have tool, which will backup all data and there is no choice to only transfer photos and videos. And the backed up data is not accessible unless you restore them to another iPhone. Even worse, your data on current iPhone will be removed after restoration. So, if you want to backup photos and videos selectively and preview them without restoring, you can go back to the first method.

To transfer all data including photos and videos with iTunes, use the following steps:

1. Connect your iPhone to computer, unlock it and click “Trust This Computer” if needed. Then, download the latest version of iTunes and install it.

2. Open your iPhone and click the iPhone icon to access the overview page.

3. Click “Summary” and choose “This Computer” and “Back Up Now” under the Backups link. Then wait for the final result and click Apply and Done.

Backup Iphone On Itunes

Final words

Speaking of how to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to PC, you may feel a little tricky. Because a few transfer tool can transfer both pictures and videos together. But now, you can use the free but professional iPhone transfer tool mBackupper. With its useful features, you can complete the task in a very short time, preview data and keep it intact.

Also, you can use Windows Photos, but it may work as usual. Besides, the built-in iTunes is a choice, but you need to backup all data on iPhone.