By Lena / Last Updated June 5, 2020

Can You Transfer Non Purchased Music to New iPhone?

Most of us would like to download music on iPhone so that we can enjoy the music anytime and anywhere. We can purchase and download music from Apple Music app. Besides, we can also add music from computer to iPhone with the help of iTunes.

When upgrading to a new iPhone, you definitely do not want to leave your favorite songs behind. For the purchased songs, you can re-download them on new iPhone easily. However, how about those non purchased songs? As everyone knows, Apple makes it difficult to transfer non-purchased items between two devices because of copyright consideration.

You may consider utilizing iTunes to make it but it seems that there is no way to transfer non-purchased music from iPhone to iTunes. So you come to this guide to see whether there’s another way to help you transfer non purchased music to new iPhone. Well, fortunately, there’s one free third-party tool that offers the solution. Just keep reading to learn more.

How to Transfer Non Purchased Music to New iPhone?

To transfer non purchased music from old iPhone to new iPhone, you can rely on mBackupper - one free iOS data manager. It offers a safe and fast way to transfer data between two iDevices.

★ Easy-to-use. mBackupper has a clear interface and user-friendly design, you can complete the transfer in only a few clicks.
★ Transfer selected songs. You can transfer all non purchased songs in 1-click or only the selected items as per your needs.
★ Fast transfer speed. Its transfer speed is higher than the average speed on the market: 1000 songs can be transferred in only 9mins13s.
★ No harm to existing data. It will not erase any existing data on new iPhone and there is no need to reset your new iPhone if you have already used it for a while.

mBackupper supports all iPhone models including the newest iPhone 11/iPhone SE 2020 and works well with the latest iOS 13/13.5. See the steps below to see how to transfer non purchased music from iPhone to new iPhone.

Steps to Transfer Non Purchased Music from Old iPhone to New iPhone

Click the button to download mBackupper on your computer.

Two steps to transfer the transfer: Backup songs on old iPhone > Restore the backup files to new iPhone.

Backup Music on Old iPhone

Step 1. Connect your old iPhone to computer via the USB cable > Tap “Trust” on Home screen to give your computer access to your iPhone.

Step 2. Click Custom Backup option > Click Music to choose the songs you want to transfer to new device.

Step 3. Select the purchased or non-purchased songs you want to transfer > Click OK to continue.

Select Songs

Step 4. Select the storage path > Click the Start Backup button to backup songs to computer.

Transfer Non Purchased Music to New iPhone

Step 1. Unplug your old iPhone and then connect your new iPhone to computer > Go to the Backup Management screen > Click the Expand tab >> Advanced option to choose Restore.

Restore Music

Step 2. You can click the Music icon to preview the songs that will be transferred to your device, if everything is ok, click Start Restore to transfer songs to your new iPhone.


That’s all for how to transfer non purchased music to new iPhone. As you can see, mBackupper offers a safe way to transfer songs from old iPhone to new iPhone in just a few clicks. Besides music, it also supports transferring photos, videos, contacts, messages and more. Go for it now and discover more!

PS: If you meet any problem, please feel free to leave a comment and we will reply to you soon.